Romeo Being Pestered By A Crow

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I saw Romeo starting to fly towards me from Deadman Island and I also noticed that he was bringing along a nasty Crow with him!
For whatever reason ,this Crow really was taking a personal interest in bothering Romeo! He flew all the way from Deadman Island to Romeo’s rock and was content to watch and than pester him alittle more.
I have never seen a eagle attack a Crow,but i suspect that the Crows are far more maneuverable than the eagles and he wouldn’t be able to get ahold of one! It would be great if Romeo “did” get a hold of one occasionally?
Romeo could eat “Crow” than!

One thought on “Romeo Being Pestered By A Crow

  1. A great series of shots. Am constantly amazed at the audacity of crows!!! Love the look on Romeo’s face as he is staring up at this irritating intruder, almost as if to say ‘where do you think you’re going?” Can’t believe he doesn’t send him into the middle of next week!!!

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