Tofino Air Taking Off

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The sun was out and so was I! The wind was up a bit as well.
I went up to Island Cove and Gunner to look for bears,but no one was home. I did see the two wolves I call “Salty” and her mate “Pepper”!
They were heading west towards Duckling Island from Spittle point.(Browning Pass) I thought I’d out smart them and race to the west and cut in way ahead of them and just wait for them to come to me!
They had other ideas however! They cut into the forest before they got to the corner. They cut that corner where I lay in wait for them. They came out past the corner back into the shallow bay behind Duckling Island. I didn’t even have enough time to get a shot off!
I was very disappointed!
I tried to go into that Bay,but it was too shallow and besides they disappeared from the shore. Dam! I was so close to getting them tonight.
On the plus side ,I know where that forest trail enters and comes out! If I see them again,I will be waiting for them to come out there!

I screwed up some exposures because I accidentally hit one of my dials and didn’t realize it until it was too late!
Canon really has a design problem with the Mode dial. No way to lock in!
Other than all that,I had a good night out!
UPDATE:(June 26th) I have something to confess that is rather embarrassing!After I took this sequence,I naturally took off down the inlet.
I heard from two individuals who own a Whale Watching business something that surprised me!
They saw me out in the harbour shooting the airplane and also a Humpback whale right behind me! It must of gone right under my boat and I didn’t see it! I was looking forward and not paying attention!
How embarrassing!
One can never be paying too much attention!

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