Wide Eyed and Wide Taloned

The sun was shining and that means I was smiling!
I was able to get out in the boat today. I went up to Island Cove and Gunner Inlet to check on the Boo Boo situation………..and there was no body home at all!! I was very disappointed! I even went into Grice Bay to check. The tide was going out and Grice bay is exposed at low tide. Not a place you really want to be as the tide is going out! I went in anyways and glassed the shore and once again,nobody home!
Sorry folks,my furry friends were else where. The tide was high and starting to head out,so the bears were probably waiting for the low tide dinner bell to chime before they would come out!
I did visit both the Daredevil/Delilah as well as Maggie/Moe. They seemed to be friendly enough tonight.
The light got snuffed by some clouds and I had to call it a early night.
Still a good evenings shoot!

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