Meares Island Forest Rays

I was able to get out today! The sun was shining and I was chomping on the bit to sink my teeth into some adventure! I had to get out in the boat!
I went down Tofino Inlet to Island Cove and than Gunner Inlet. I found a new yearling at the mouth of Gunner Inlet.
At first I thought it might be Curly,but this guy had a very white chin! I’m pretty sure Curly doesn’t have that.
Also,he has a very brown mussel!
I have noticed a pattern with the Vancouver Island Bears!
Vancouver Island has a unique sub species of Black Bear.
When Darwin studied the Galapagos Island, he found the same species (isolated islands) had developed separately from it’s cousins else where!
For instance,he found that the Iguana’s in the Galapagos had learned and adapted to diving under the water to eat the sea weed growing on the rocks! He had never observed this elsewhere and was amazed!
The Kodiak bears on Kodiak Island (50 miles off the coast of Alaska) have developed independently from it’s close Mainland cousin ,the Grizzly! It is a shorter,very powerful and more robust compared to the Grizzly!
Vancouver Island has developed many unique animals in it’s own right.
The Black bears (there are no Grizzlies on Vancouver Island) I find are a little smaller (10 %),very passive (not aggressive) and have a dark mussel. The mainland bears are larger,more aggressive and have a brown mussel.
Grizzles have never developed on the island ,but several have swam from the mainland……………….& than were promptly shot by some Redneck’s who believe that Grizzles would become a menace to all living things!
All animals develop…….. forward, and if this is the desire of the species to develop forward on Vancouver Island than who am I to stop them! What God given right do I have to interfere into another animals evolutionary design in such a negative manner? Besides,they are probably swimming to the Island because we are invading their habitat on the Mainland!

After leaving this bear I noticed to the west the Forest rays coming from Meares Island! I normally do not shoot something like this by it’s self,but this unusual display just begged me to!
I wish I could of had a subject for the foreground,but unless a eagle or flock of birds flew in front,there was no way that was going to happen!
Meares Island has over 22,000 Acres and 60 miles of shore line. It is all Original growth and will never be logged. It has acouple spots that have been logged ,but other than those patches ,it’s all big, bold and Beautiful!

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