New Bear

I thought this was “Curly” at first,but when I saw that very white chin I knew it couldn’t be him. A very unique marker! Plus this guys mussel is way too brown. Curly’s is much darker. I won’t be confusing him/her with any other bear. We spent 10 minutes together and than I continued on my way up Gunner Inlet.
I couldn’t see anybody else up Gunner,so when I was coming back out of Gunner,I went to visit this bear again.
I wasn’t paying attention and broke one of my primary animal rules!
When he/she was looking at me wondering what I was…….I moved! It realized I was another animal and it got alittle spooked.
I backed off and left it alone to finish it’s dinner.
I always have to keep in mind not to move when they are looking at me!
No harm,no foul.

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