The Daredevil

The sun was shining today and I got out in the boat for a evenings shoot.
I always go out about 2 hours before sunset.
The Canucks-Bruins game started at 5:30 pm or so and I delayed going out to watch this historic game!
After the 2nd period ended (0-3) I had a good idea what was about to happen and went on my merry way into the wilderness. I also knew that there was going to be trouble!There is no excuse for the destruction that occurred in Vancouver!
These people (mostly young drunk males with nothing much else to do) should be placed in stocks in the centre of Vancouver. People could pay a Loonie to throw rotten tomatoes at them. All the proceeds could go to help needy charities?
I think a few million could be raised quickly!
I go out into the wilderness to get away from these things. I never see riots in Nature!
We are a strange species?

I went up to Gunner Inlet and Island Cove to check on the bear situation but came up empty handed! I was very disappointed!
The Canucks lost,a riot happened and I didn’t come across any of my furry friends! Thats strike three.
I however, always have my finely feathered friends to fall back on.
Besides ………..I know where they live!
I got some good shots tonight of my eagle friends and a Osprey!

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