The “Lady Rose” Arriving at it’s New Home

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This boat was originally called the “Lady Sylvia”. It was built in Glasgow Scotland (1937). It was renamed because that name was already being used over here.
It is 105 feet long,22 feet wide ,7 foot draft and 199 gross tons.
The motor is a 385 Hp and moves it along at 11 knots. It could take 100 passengers and 25 tons of cargo as well.
It’s mainstay on the West Coast was from Port Alberni to Ucluelet.
Jamie Bray of Tofino ( Jamie’s Whale Watching) bought the boat and plans on turning it into a dining pleasure craft.

Tofino Air Taking Off

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I got out today and had a great shoot!
I went down to Cannery Bay to check in on the boys and also my Trail camera!
My trail camera took over 1000 shots,but they were all of Bald eagles (mature and Immature).
I set it up so as to take 3 shots when motion was detected. That in hindsight was a mistake!
The body was gone,but I did find a few broken ribs,Scapula and skull! Whatever it was ,it had a good set of jaws to crush the bones and the rear end of that skull!
The card was filled with eagles and when the bear/wolf came by,it couldn’t take anymore shots!
In other words…………… I got screwed!
I think from now on I will change the parameters on the trail camera to “one” shot only! The birds are tripping the camera too much!

Other than that,the usual suspects!
Great day out!!

Turkey Vultures

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I heard about a second dead Sea Lion and went to the reported spot!
When I came around the corner,I was going slow so as to not make as much noise. Sure enough,there it was and it was a big boy!
That first Sea Lion was a quarter the size of this guy! The locals will be dining on it for awhile! The only problem I have is putting the trail camera up?
Because of the location and the size of the beast,I am forced to hammer a metal post into the beach and strap the camera to it!
There is no way around it without doing it the hard way! I have to take a metal post down there with me and a sledge hammer! I hate complications! It weakens the plan.
The simpler the better! Thats the best plan!

These two Turkey Vultures were chowing down and almost didn’t even notice me. A Immature Baldy flew over and spooked them! They booked it,but not before I got some excellent shots!
You can notice in one of the shots a Immature Baldy perched with one of these guys soaring in behind.


I shoot with a Cannon 5D and it has a small problem. The mode selector dial does not have a locking device on it.
If you place the camera down,you can bump the dial and change the mode. Thats what happened here. The shutter speed was way too slow!
However my panning seemed to be dead on!
This has happened to me several times and I miss opportunity’s! Sometimes things happen so quickly that I cannot always afford the time to check the shutter speed.

Harbour Rainbow

It was a rainy day today BUT and it’s a BIG BUT……I saw a large clearing coming towards us from the west on the Sat. site and knew that it would hit later in the afternoon……….and it did!
I went out in the boat during a rainstorm and that is a first! I never go out in the rain,NEVER! Why you ask?
Because if there is rain,it means there is no light and therefore no reason to go out! However,this clearing was coming and I crossed my fingers that I was right and made the wet effort to get out!
I was right and got some great shots too!
Because the cloud structure limited me,I stayed in the harbour area. Romeo kept me company!

This is the first shot I took. I’m a sucker for rainbows! I saw it happening when I was in the boatshed and switched my lens to a wider angle and ran out to the dock with my camera under my jacket ( it was still raining). The first shot I took (this one) is the only one that worked. I moved further down the dock to get a better angle but the light failed and so did the Rainbow! It was only a matter of seconds and that was all she wrote for the Bow!
I wished the Coast Guard Cutter (Cape Ann) was at her berth,but she was out somewhere?
I would catch up with her later. I knew that she was out somewhere but I didn’t know if she would be coming into the harbour from the east or the north?
Another reason why I decided to stay in the harbour. Turns out I lucked out, and she came into the harbour from the north!
I got some excellent shots of her with a snowy Lone Cone in behind!

Cape Ann Coming Into The Harbour

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I saw her coming into the harbour from the north and lay in wait for her to come by. Mainstreams “Come Along” was also coming into the harbour.
It looked like the Coast Guard was chasing them!
Notice how the light changes from the beginning to the end!

Not Going To Happen!

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That frontal system we were under for 3 days, passed! There were scattered clouds in behind ,so we got alittle sunshine today.
I went out to the beach to see what was happening?
I saw this guy right away and did a few shots. I’m not sure why,but he wasn’t able to put in! I think the wind was changing direction too much to be able to get to the ocean?
Not really sure why,but he never went out?