Trail Camera Set Up

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I went down to Cannery Bay today with the specific purpose of setting up my trail camera over that second dead Sea Lion I found.
As with everything else…….the Devil is in the details!
The tide was too high to set the camera where I had originally wanted to set it,plus the beach was too hard to set my pole in!
So I had to shoot from the hip on this one!
I found this piece of wood down there and had some spikes with me. I nailed it to this log. Worked great but I had to nail it on a angle so that the face of the camera was facing the carcass! Kind of a weird angle,but like I said……I was shooting from the hip on this one!
I set it and got out of there,oh and I set it to take one shot this time and not three! Last time all the eagles were setting the camera off and filling up my one Gig card. I bought a 4 Gig card,so that should work……I hope?

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