Harbour Rainbow

It was a rainy day today BUT and it’s a BIG BUT……I saw a large clearing coming towards us from the west on the Sat. site and knew that it would hit later in the afternoon……….and it did!
I went out in the boat during a rainstorm and that is a first! I never go out in the rain,NEVER! Why you ask?
Because if there is rain,it means there is no light and therefore no reason to go out! However,this clearing was coming and I crossed my fingers that I was right and made the wet effort to get out!
I was right and got some great shots too!
Because the cloud structure limited me,I stayed in the harbour area. Romeo kept me company!

This is the first shot I took. I’m a sucker for rainbows! I saw it happening when I was in the boatshed and switched my lens to a wider angle and ran out to the dock with my camera under my jacket ( it was still raining). The first shot I took (this one) is the only one that worked. I moved further down the dock to get a better angle but the light failed and so did the Rainbow! It was only a matter of seconds and that was all she wrote for the Bow!
I wished the Coast Guard Cutter (Cape Ann) was at her berth,but she was out somewhere?
I would catch up with her later. I knew that she was out somewhere but I didn’t know if she would be coming into the harbour from the east or the north?
Another reason why I decided to stay in the harbour. Turns out I lucked out, and she came into the harbour from the north!
I got some excellent shots of her with a snowy Lone Cone in behind!

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