West Coast Feast Bowl

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Adrian Dorst phoned me this afternoon and told me that he had just finished his latest Feast Bowl! (he’s done two others before this one) I was honoured to be the first to see it and naturally I took a few shots to share with you all!
For those of you who do not know Adrian Dorst,he is the quintessential artist! He not only carves wood ,but also sculpts stone as well!
He also is a world recognized photographer who has been a major influence on me for years!
He’s calling this his “Piper Bowl”. Thats the kind of bird he has carved around the outside edge. There are 12 inlays of mother of pearl and 12 Sand Pipers.
Adrian produces some of the finest works of art I have ever seen personally! He constantly surprises me.
It’s a beautiful piece of artwork !

4 thoughts on “West Coast Feast Bowl

  1. absolutely beautiful – the sandpipers around the edge give this masterpiece the ultimate WOW factor!!!

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