Surfing Seal

It was way too windy today to even think about going out in the boat! It’s been the only sunny day in a week and it got very windy! I was choked,but anticipated it!
Whenever a low pressure system passes over,the winds always pick up in behind!
As a physical metaphor,I picture a Semi going down the road! That represents the low pressure system. As it pushes forward through the air,it creates a negative pressure in behind,a kind of vacuum. The atmosphere close to this is sucked in by that vacuum. That low pressure cell pulls the air with it as it moves forward and ergo…….on the land you feel strong wind!

I went out to Frank Island to check out what was happening and saw this Harbour Seal playing in huge surf! It looked dangerous where he was ,but they are the masters of their realm. They know what their doing. It just looked weird to see a creature playing in such dangerous looking conditions!

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