Strawberry Rainbow

You need to understand that I never thought about going out today because of all the cloud and rain.
However, a clearing started to develop to the south of us later in the day,but I was ready for it. I normally go out earlier in the day ,so I had to act quickly!
The sun was blocked by clouds to the west but I knew that it would slip underneath them and shine!
The first thing I shot was Strawberry Island with this rainbow! The last of the rain heading away from us.
A rain storm is basically a mobile projection screen! Billions of tiny water molecules falling act as tiny prisms & split the light into it’s individual wavelengths!
When the sun hits the drops of rain,we get a rainbow but it never lasts for very long!
That mobile projection screen(rain storm) is moving away from our perspective!
To get a double rainbow ,the rain drops have to be half as big. Much smaller! Also the colour sequence is reversed! Like a mirror was put up beside the original rainbow.

I had a really nice visit with Romeo tonight. He’s always a real charmer!
Juliette was there initially but she took off and I have no idea why or where? I found that very odd? Thats the second time in as many days that she has done that!
She’s never done that before? It makes me wonder why?
I wonder if they have have a nest elsewhere? If they do,they may have a egg? It’s all a bit strange for me?
I’m not sure what is going on here,but will keep you updated!

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