Harbour Rainbow

I got majorly suckered today!
I did not plan on going out today because of all the cloud/rain!
However,I did see a large clearing pushing up from the south and decided to go out in the boat!
I should of stayed on land!
This clearing was heading north,but what I didn’t see was the rather large cloud system moving from the east to the west! Basically I got T-Boned by a cloud from the east!
That huge clearing and all that gorgeous light was swallowed by this ROGUE cloud! I didn’t see it or anticipate it! I was really choked!
As the sun got lower in the sky, that large dark cloud kept going to the west and stopped the light from coming through!

I went down to Tsappee Narrows and couldn’t do anything! The Daredevil just sat there chirping ! I told him that I couldn’t take any shots because of the poor light.
I waited a hour and a half and got nothing really.
The only thing that came out of this is that I’m pretty sure they have a egg in their nest and are expecting!

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