Tofino Drive By!

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It was too windy to go out in the boat and way too cloudy as well.
However,I was watching a large clearing coming and figured it would hit Tofino near sunset……….and it did!
I knew that the tide was going to be too high to get out to Frank Island,so I brought my chest waders with me.
Glad I did. I got some good wave sequences!
A major earthquake struck Japan later in the day (10pm our time) Including a large devastating Tsunami!
Tofino has been issued a Tsunami Advisory,but I do not think anybody will be able to notice anything different in the wave structure?

This Wind Surfer had trouble getting back up when he was blown down. I got only one pass,but a good one at that. I was standing in about 4 feet of surf when he went by!
I think he went in after this pass becasue I did not see him after I shot this?

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