Tofino Inlet Pano

I worked down here for 6 years as a Fishfarmer with Creative Salmon. I got to know the Inlet a bit.
I would travel to work in a boat everyday. I saw some amazing sights!
The Sea Lions are located on the right hand side at the end. That is Cannery bay. I’m still several klicks from it.
I love dramatic sweeping vistas! It’s what I look for.
This shot could be better if there was a rock in the foreground with several dozen Sea Lions on it! I needed something in the foreground,but sometimes it’s just not going to happen.
When I go out on a shoot I have to look at a scene ,analysis it and figure out how to shoot it. In other words,I shoot from the hip and figure it out on the spot.
I took the shot from this perspective because I was losing Tranquil Inlets snow covered mountains if I continued to the east.

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