Walkway Pano

This shot needs alittle explanation.
These Sea Lions are on top of flotation chambers from a overturned walkway.
The Natives have a float with a slide on it and they put a fishfarm walkway from land out to the float.
Over the course of time the walkways joining pins were stressed from all that Sea Lion weight. These pins snapped or bent so much that the walkways support failed and it overturned! No dought sending them spilling into the ocean barking madly!
Thats what they are designed to do! You can get new pins,but if the system twists and gets bent,your screwed!

Think of a door hinge and how it is designed. Two interlocking rings that a common bolt slips into.Thats exactly what joins this overturned walkway to the land and float. It won’t be too hard to put this walkway back together.
Each Sea Lion has there own basking spot. These locations are the prime spots.
It would be like driving into a very busy mall (at Christmas)and somebody right out front of the doors is about to leave and you get that spot.
Highly valued locations. The same with these guys. Once they have it,they stay there all day and I don’t blame them. All that black makes even more heat and these guys are nothing short of the largest heat Vampires that I’ve ever seen!

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