Various Lighthouse/Storm Shots

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It was not only pouring today,but the wind was ripping as well!
I had to work out at the beach today and actually left without my camera because of the poor weather! I had second thoughts about that and decided to go back into my apartment and get my camera. I had remembered looking at the Satellite site and seen small clearings heading my way in a few hours?
Good thing I did,because the light “did” come in and these are the moments I live for!
“Being at the right place, at the right time,with the right equipment!” (that will be my epitaph)
I only had seconds however! The clearings were not only small,but the storm was moving fast! Which made the light in a constant state of flux!
I really didn’t think that I would get lucky,but sometimes when you just wait………Nature will unveil her beauty!

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