Wickaninnish Inn at Sunset

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Whenever I go out by the Lighthouse,I always shoot the Wick.
A friend asked me why I shoot the Wick so much! I explained that the Wick is the only subject I can shoot in front of Strathcona. Strathcona faces south and so does the Wick.
I knew that the mountains of Strathcona would turn pink tonight. There were no clouds on the western horizon. Thats when the longest wavelengths can be seen………….the pinks!
Watch as how the light goes from gold to pink to a cooler tone in the transition .
This is the reason why I went out there tonight. Normally I do not go out there at this time of year! It’s just to rough for my little boat. It wasn’t too rough,but I still had to watch every wave that I was going to hit. I can get thrown out of the boat if I hit a wave on a angle! I always am very careful when I go out here and even more so when the waves are up a bit!

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