Jumper Cruising

He was just passing through.
There are other river systems around and the bears visit all of them.
Not all salmon bearing streams are created equal. Some are better than others and these streams will logically have more bears around them. Kind of like bees around a hive!
Bears have on average a 100 square kilometer territory that they stay within. They visit the streams their mother showed them as a cub the same way a Trapper checks his trap line.
They go from point to point. The river system I visit is kind of like an Oasis! Alot of salmon come to this stream. Coho,Chinook and Chum
It’s unusual.


You can’t see it ,but this bear is searching with it’s paws under the water for already dead salmon. I call the behavior “raccooning”.
If you have watched raccoons searching for food in water,you’ll know what I mean. They can’t see under the water and search with their paws instead.
It’s kind of like you two days after the big Turkey dinner……………you go search the fridge for leftovers!
It’s good,but a nice hot turkey is preferred!
The bears will drop their leftovers in a heartbeat if they see a fresh salmon!!


Mini was swimming around in the middle pool and upsetting the salmon!
The salmon are well aware what she was doing.
I’ve noticed salmon waiting at the mouth of a stream move away into deeper water when a bear walked through the water several hundred feet upstream! The salmon smelled the predator in the water. The bear was dropping it’s scent into the water and the salmon were reacting to it.
I thought that was an interesting observation.


Went to visit my friends today and they were active!
As a matter of fact……….you could say Mini here and lucky Max were very active!
Bears not only come to the river systems to feed on the salmon,but they also are looking for other bears!
Mini and Max were playing like two dogs. They were wrestling and being very playful. Max and Mini had other things on mind…………….say alittle sex!
Max tried to mount Mini 3 times and she politely pulled away. When she wanted him,she lead him into the forest were they literally shook the trees! I didn’t want to disturb them at a moment like this(I wouldn’t want anybody peeking in on me either).
This sounds cute I know,but there is something in behind this beautiful moment that is rather ugly!
I’ve been seeing Mini now for 4 years and she’s always had one cub. I heard (but didn’t see) that she had another cub this year.
I also heard that a cub was shot at a close by Native village and Mini doesn’t have a cub anymore. If this is true(?),than it was her cub that was shot. Very sad!
I heard the cub was shot because it was getting into someones garden?
Mini chose Max as her suitor. I’m not familiar with Max. Each year their are new bears,but in actuality they are the younger cubs all grown up. They look very different when they become yearlings. The only way I can tell who’s who is by looking for scars or other features that distinguish them.
Like Big Red. She has a patch of reddish fur on the middle of her back.
I look for anything thats unique about them!
I sometimes cannot find anything thats physically unique about them and as a result I cannot identify them very easily.
For instance,if I saw Max by himself,I probably wouldn’t recognize him. However,If I see a male bear with Mini ! I’ll know who it is!
All animals are unique in this world to say the least,but to our eye………..bears all look the same,and they do, but you have to look closer to see who’s who.

Mini and Max took a walk in the “Garden” and it was a very special moment for me personally to see!

Mini and Max

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I believe this is Mini and the male ,I’m calling Max. I don’t remember seeing him before and he has no distinguishing marks on his face or ears!
He was very interested in Mini and wanted to party! I shot him trying to mount her 3 times.
This is the first sequence and shows how he was trying to get her into submission by grabbing her neck and biting down hard! Her fur was thicker than Max thought and she managed to get away.
I think she was playing hard to get personally!


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Mini had pushed Max away three times,but on this occasion she went to Max to play. Max was very happy to reciprocate!
Unfortunately they were in a tight spot with the vegetation all around them and I couldn’t lock onto them !
After 5 minutes of playful fun,Mini lead Max to her chambers……..the thick forest.
Beautiful………….simply beautiful!

The Daredevil

Went out today with a friend of mine. We went down to Tsappee Narrows to see if the eagles were home and they were.
The Daredevil was active ,but his mate wasn’t,or at least I thought she wasn’t! She caught both of us off guard. We heard her before we saw her. Basically she suckered us! She came in and grabbed a fish,but I didn’t see her coming in. I was busy watching the Daredevil !
She’ll do that and so will he. They are very unpredictable at times. Just when I think I’ve got them figured out,they’ll do something totally different!

Got some eagles tonight and a Rainbow.There were scattered showers coming through and I knew that a rainbow would happen,but I just didn’t know when?

Seapeak Rainbow

Seapeak is on Meares Island. We were heading back down Browning Pass when the light came through and a rainbow popped up. I was forced to shoot at that moment and had only Seapeak as background material.
I’ve always wanted to hike up to the top and have a look around,but I don’t think there is a trail up there?

Romeo and Juliette with the Moon

Romeo is on the left. You can see how different they are when they are side by side.
The moon was out(or at least half of it) and it was waxing. The full moon will be a week from tomorrow,Friday October 22nd.
It looks like the best day to shoot the moon will be on the 19th or 20th? On the 19th,the sun sets at 6:18 pm and the moon rises at 4:40 pm. That gives a 98 minute window between rise and set. If it’s clear on the eastern and western horizons,we could have a nice display?
On the 20th,the sun sets at 6:16 pm and the moon rises at 4:57 pm. That gives a 79 minute window to shoot. On the 21st the sun sets at 6:14 pm and the moon rises at 5:16 pm. That gives a 58 minute window. Thats getting tight. If there is any cloud on the eastern horizon,your screwed! By the time the moon clears the clouds,the sun will have set and the light will be gone.
Now that the eagles are all back from their vacations,I’ll be looking for volunteers to pose!
Stay tuned.

Morning Paddle

I went down to my favorite bear location to check out the situation today.
I found the tide to early and the light alittle harsh,but still alot of fun. Bears were constantly coming into and out of the creek! Not many fish running however.
I than later went out to visit my fine feathered friends with a friend.
He’s up visiting from Washington State and is a excellent photographer. Stuart May. Check out his photography.
You can see a bear walking on shore in the morning mist.
It was a full day and I got a few keepers.


You can always tell it’s Lazyboy ! He moves so slow and he also has two distinct scars on the inside of his left eye! He got that from Mini last year. He shouldn’t of gone behind her and her cub in the bush! Mini thought it was a ambush to kill her cub ,”Doodlebug”. She went in after him,while Doodlebug watched from the safety of a near by tree.They had a quick scuffle and they both got swiped! Mini got a small cut above her left eye and Bruno got these two cuts beside his eye. They are both lucky that neither of their eyes was injured!
However,Lazyboys left eye is off center now!


She sat down and warmed herself in the sun and started to groom herself. I noticed that she had a small wound above her left eye!
The males have been trying to court her constantly,but she’s more interested in chowing down for the moment.
I wonder who’s going to be the lucky guy to be with her?
I think Bruno myself? She’s already let him kiss her! I got the shot to prove it too! Go look.

“Another One Bites the Dust”

I think this is a new bear and a fellow I met yesterday named him. Billyboy!
I think he must be related to Lazyboy with a name like that!
I saw and so did Billyboy,this Chinook swimming slowly in the water. The fishes dorsal fin was sticking out of the water too high! The fish should of remained like a submarine……under the water! Billyboy was eating some old dead salmon carcass and when he saw this salmon coming towards him,he immediately got up and jumped right on top of this salmon pinning it. He had a awkward grab on it,but it worked.
You can see that he was keeping a eye on me! He was checking to see if I was going to charge at him to take his prize from him!
Billyboy immediately went into the forest to chow down.Good for him and lucky for me! Being at the right place at the right time cannot be overly stated in Photography!