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Juliette perched on top of the north island.
At Deadman Island there are actually two islands. A north one (the nest is there) and the south one.
She was landing and the wind slowed her down. The wind is hard on me traveling,but great on the eagles for slowing them down.

Kayaks Coming Into Harbour

20100824-20100824-IMG_6534I got out later than normal.
I had gone to Virgin Falls today with some friends. We had a great day. The weather was perfect! We just hung around the falls and with nature.

The full moon was tonight.It came out from behind Meares Island. By the time it came up,the exposure was all off. I included a few shots anyways.
I came across some Blue Herons past Spittle point in Browning Pass. The tide was out,so they were looking for little fish in the eel grass.
I came across a Heron after sunset as well. I found him opposite Deadman island to the west in the shallows. My prop got wrapped up with eel grass twice and once with Bull Kelp.
Low tide can be difficult.
All in all it was a good night out.
These kayaks were coming into the harbour and I positioned myself so as to include the sail boat in the background.


20100824-20100824-IMG_658920100824-20100824-IMG_659020100824-20100824-IMG_6591She came in and I got acouple shots off.
She did something tonight I have never seen her do before or any eagle as a matter of fact!
When she came in ,she did a complete 360 rotation! She looked like a plane prop! Amazing. I’ve never seen her do that before. I’ve seen her do 180’s before,but never a 360!
Unfortunately i didn’t get it! My lens hunted and I couldn’t grab her on the focus! I missed it,but am still glad that I saw it! It was something else,trust me!
From now on I’m going to lean towards her when it comes to paying attention! I want to capture that very rare maneuver!
However,on second thought…….because she’s going to be doing this very very fast.I’m probably only going to be getting two shots at most! I need a video camera to capture that!
I’m going to buy a helmet cam to record some of my adventures. I was looking at that new one “Oregon Scientific” is going to put out this October.It has everything I want!
Maybe if I come across something amazing like today,I’ll put it on my Blog!

Paddle Boarding

20100824-20100824-IMG_6733I caught two of these guys paddling their surf boards across the Harbour. They are from that sailing boat “Mycia”.
They were heading back over to their boat. It looked like the guy was walking on water at a distance! Considering that he ‘s only dressed in street cloths,I figured he must be very good at doing this!

Strawberry Island’s Ferry With The Moon Rising Over Meares Island

20100824-20100824-IMG_6749You can see that the moon is blown out for the light and structure. I either expose for the surrounding scenery or for the moon! If I exposed for the moon,than everything in this shot would be black.Except the moon of course.
This is a good example of the moons transition from pale(when it rises) to bright. There is a small window of 20 minutes or so when the moon has a perfect exposure for the surrounding terrain. The “Goldilocks’s Zone”!
You can clearly see that this was shot “after” that Goldilock’s zone! You want the detail in the moon’s structure or it just looks like the sun!
Too early & the moon would be too pale! Too late & you loose all detail. The perfect exposure lasts only for a matter of minutes!

Blue Heron Hunting

20100824-20100824-IMG_6836I noticed something about this shot that I found interesting.
The water the Heron is hunting in is calm and as a result,gives a very nice reflection! I think the reason this is happening is because of the shallows. Specifically the eel grass!
If you look in the background you can see open water and the surface is disturbed by the wind. That makes the surface darker and the Heron would be absorbed.
The Eel grass is dampening the wind and holding the water calm,thus giving a great reflection and showing the Heron’s structure most excellently!
Thanks eel grass………..even if you wrapped up my prop twice tonight!

Sunset Point and Long Beach Lodge

20100823-20100823-IMG_6320I didn’t go out tonight in my boat. There were too many clouds. However,it did get nice a hour or so before sunset. The sun came out of a large cloud and it got sunny gold all over.
I did see it was going to happen and had enough time to ride out to Chesterman’s Beach.
The moon did come up in the east,but there was too many clouds blocking it near the horizon. It came out from the clouds well up into the sky.
I got a few shots tonight,but nothing remarkable.

Sunset Watch

20100822-20100822-IMG_6080I got out tonight and the weather was great. NO Clouds,or at least ,not alot. The almost full moon was obscured by some clouds on the eastern horizon,but thats it.
I may get up early tomorrow to try and get the “Moonset/Sun rise out at the Lighthouse. If I want to get that I will have to get up around 4:30am or so. The moon sets around 5:30am! Glad I don’t have to do this all the time. The only thing thats bugging me is that there might be fog! I can check from Cox Bay to see what the cloud structure is like. There is a camera out there on Long Beach Lodge. I use it all the time to see whats going on out there. I just looked at it and yes it did show the moon!
I always use the Lighthouse as my secondary subject,with the moon being the primary. I basically line the two up! I never know where that spot is and have to shoot from the hip when I arrive.
On todays shoot,it was good. I basically went out to Tsappee and than Deadman.
I missed a great opportunity. Romeo flew in front of the moon and I missed it! Dam.
Other than that,it was a good night out

Juliette Coming In

She gave me her profile as she was coming in. The wind had died down and she came in on a good angle. If the wind is blowing,she would be heading into it for the strike. When the wind is blowing,I can tell what angle they may come in at! However,tonight was a toss up. When theres no wind….all bets are off.

Romeo’s Moon

20100822-20100822-IMG_6202Because the moon was out,I always try to shoot these guys…or for that matter,anybody! I looked around the entire harbour with my binocs,but nobody was home except these guys. They do not have a exposed perch at Deadman. The best spots are Strawberry Island and Lovekin Point. They both have what I would call “tree spires”. Trees that are basically poles and nothing is around them to obscure the eagle or moon!

Blue Heron

20100821-20100821-IMG_565020100821-20100821-IMG_5657The current from the tide is always strong here. There are weed beds close by as well during the summer,so I have to watch myself when I go through here. I drifted by him and did a series of shots.
That haystack hill in the background is right where a small lake is on Meares island. Locally it is called Iron Cap Lake. During the summer a few people go up there when it gets hot,for a swim. Great spot.I came across this fellow on the north side of Strawberry Island. There is a small rocky island there that gives them protection. They seem to like hanging out here.
I was on my way out of the harbour and always check this spot for these guys. In the winter and when there are no clouds in the background,you can get a really nice background with Strathcona’s Mountains . They are always full of snow and look great !
I didn’t think I’d be going out today! It rained and I thought the light was gone for the day. The cloud structure however had different ideas. I checked the Sat/Radar site and it showed the system leaving. It looked good for sunset! So I got my gear together and off I went.
Had a good night out.

Heading Out

20100821-20100821-IMG_5830The clouds did move in and I headed back into the harbour. I could see a few breaks in the clouds,and I knew that the sun would come out before sunset,so I decided to go out to the Lighthouse.
On my way through the harbour I found this sailing boat heading out. It looked like he was going north. I zoomed in on the boat,but could not find a name?
You can see the village “Opitshat” on Meares Island in the background.

Wickaninnish Inn and Whale Watching Zodiac

20100821-20100821-IMG_5871I saw a Zodiac from Jamies Whale Watching and got a shot of them passing in front of the Wick. The sun had come out and was giving some good light.
Orcas have been seen out in this area in the past week and I’m sure these guys passed through looking to see if anyone was home!

Moon Rainstorm

20100821-20100821-IMG_5956I was mindful that the moon should be out,but this cloud was blocking it and I couldn’t see it while I was out there. It finally came out right around sunset and the light was gorgeous!
A small rainstorm was happening and so was the light! I was looking around for some birds to fly in front,but couldn’t get lucky.
You can see that the wind was moving this cloud structure strongly. I’m looking SE and the clouds were moving from the west to the east. In the shot that would be from right to left. Thats why the cloud is curved. The top is moving and the rain is constantly being dropped ,forming a long curve.
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get anymore moon shots in this cycle? It’s rising later and later.