Classic Pose Sequence

20100828-20100828-IMG_752120100828-20100828-IMG_752220100828-20100828-IMG_7523It’s right about at this time that I’m trying to hang on for dear life! Once I get the focus,I have to track him perfectly. It’s very hard to do! Trying to duplicate it’s movement accurately is alot harder than you think!
You know generally what they are going to do,but each strike is different! I try to get close and hang on. If I were to zoom back and track him,that would be very easy. It’s when you try to track the eagle up close and personal. Go try it yourself.
Go down to the shore or lake where there are some birds . Zoom in on your camera to get it as close as you can. Than when you see one flying,try to track it.
I do the same thing from a moving boat. You get use to it,but it takes many mistakes to understand what exactly is going on here!
I also track with both eyes open. That way I can see whats going on around me and keep a eye on my subject.

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