Blue Herons

20100827-20100827-IMG_727020100827-20100827-IMG_727220100827-20100827-IMG_727520100827-20100827-IMG_728020100827-20100827-IMG_728720100827-20100827-IMG_7294These guys were the first subjects for the nights shoot. I came across them by the Meares trail entrance. There is a small island just north of the trail entrance and theres a gap between it and Meares. Thats where these guys were.
I slowly puttered towards them all the while shooting. Trying to steer and shoot is a talent learned,trust me!
I liked this setting because of not only the framing by the trees,but also because the background was brighter than the birds. This made a high contrast to their structure and thus they stand out much better!
The one on the right was the first to blink. He/she took off ,and you can see it taking off behind the other one. They are such skittish birds. The best time to shoot these guys is when they are busy looking in the shallows for fish. They are preoccupied. If they are just standing there……….good luck!

One thought on “Blue Herons

  1. I absolutely love this photo. There is something surreal about it. Almost looks like a painting and not a picture.

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