20100825-20100825-IMG_6979Because the wind was blowing even stronger down at Tsappee Narrows,she was able to hover above me!
Coming back into town was interesting!! The tide was going out(to the west) and the wind was heading to the east. When these two forces meet they produce standing waves and these waves can be bigger if the channel is relatively shallow…..which is what Browning Pass is!
On the way back ,my boat got air many times!I did the old standing vertical boat crashing back into the ocean thingy. Dangerous!! I had to stop several times to get through the big ones. The channels fetch was getting me. I stayed close to the shore to reduce the impact on me. It does get violent with the crashing! That extra hang time I like with my eagle friends can be costly. It takes longer to travel and I was watching the sun setting.
I only shoot at sunset and as a result every minute literally counts!

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