Cruiser Grabbing A Salmon

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I’ve been trying for years to get a sequence like this! It’s all about being at the right place at the right time! (My Mantra)
This is Cruiser.He’s a younger bear and always seems to be on the move. Hense the name.
On this day he grabbed this salmon and had a bit of a struggle inviting his newly found friend to dinner. He and all the other bears are all so full with salmon ,that they just catch them out of instinct. You can see him just posing on the far bank. He stayed there for several minutes looking at me! They normally do not do this.
Think of the way you feel after a big Thanksgiving meal! Than they clear the table,and bring out another fresh Turkey dinner(with trimmings!) again and again and again…….
Now you know why he was just staring at me! Because the blood surrounds the stomach after eating,they sometimes just stand in the water enough to let the water cool their tummies down! If a salmon bumps into them on the way to the party upstream…………their still history. They will instinctively attack. They may only take one bite and drop the fish in the forest,but who’s counting. The salmon’s carcass will be eaten by somebody and the rest will decompose and it’ll make all the trees on either side of the stream grow bigger and faster! Win,win,except for the chosen salmon, which doesn’t get to go to the party upstream!
Normally the bears hurry off into the bush to chow down. They don’t want to be seen because other bears could charge them and they would loose their meal!
However,after the salmon run has been on for several weeks,they become properly stuffed!!

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