Bull Kelp

I found this Kelp on the beach. It had a nice shiny wet look about it.
It roots on the bottom and has little air pocket buds that help keep it afloat. It reaches for the surface because it needs the sun to grow.
I read old Ship Journals sometimes. The journal of John Boit on board the Columbia was interesting. This ship visited this area back in 1791. They recorded many facts in their journals and one I remember was about this kind of Kelp.
They went into a bay down south of here somewhere and they always check not only the depth,but also the kind of bottom.(sandy,gravel,mud etc)
At any rate,I remember they said that this Kelp was on the surface and they were surprised that the depth was 20 fathoms! A fathom is 6 feet.
That means that the Bull Kelp was 120 feet long! Thats incredible! It was as long as a 12 story building!
You can eat it as well,but I’ll stick to a garden salad thank you very much.
Your garden compost however, loves it.

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