Mud Flat Heron

This Heron was searching the shallow pools for snacks!
The reflection and warm sunset light makes this a great shot.
His head is sideways because he’s keeping an eye on me!
In situations like this ,I take my red jacket off and try not to move when he’s looking. The outboard is shut off of course and I try to drift into him.

Daredevil #4

Sometimes their wing beat is the same frequency as my shutter! So what happens is that all the shots have the wings in the exact same position,which is fine,but if you start your sequence when the wing is covering his face. All the rest of them will be the same! Your screwed basically!
It doesn’t happen very often,but I have had it happen occasionally.

California Sea Lion

This fellow was on his way out of the harbour when I first came out .
In the winter,because of the violent surf,they move into the inside. Specifically,down Tofino Inlet. Out in front of Cannery Bay.
In the Spring they reoccupy several rocky islands out front. There is a big group always out in front of Combers beach on the rocky island.

Lighthouse Sunset

I took the boat out to the Lighthouse ! I usually just shoot it from Frank,but got alot closer. The light was very weak,but still it was fun. I shot the Wick against Strathcona and some other Hotels as well.
I was waiting out there in front of the Lighthouse for awhile and decided to come back in and not wait for the sun to set.

Frank or Frieda on Frank Island

I couldn’t resist shooting this fellow on this angle. I do not see this angle very often and if I do,Strathcona doesn’t have as much snow on it! Spring is here and that snow pack is going to start to melt in the coming weeks.
The ocean was heaving and trying to keep the subject centered was a challenge!
These mountains look close,but in actuality are over 22 miles away! It’s the compression factor of my big lens that does this. The bigger the focal length,the more this “compression” factor is evident!


I normally do not like these kind of shots. Where the rear end is between the eye’s of the subject and me.
However,I found the tail feathers interesting! It looks like the tail feathers are just getting rid of it’s Immature colourings. This eagle is probably 5 years old or so.
I do not know this eagle and was surprised that it was being tolerated !

Lighthouse Sunset

I was shooting from the SW corner of Frank Island. When the waves are happening,it can be a bit tricky to shoot from here. I always keep an eye on the waves far out from shore.
Those ones are relatively flat,or look like that. My point is ,that if you see a very distinctive wave out there, by the time it hits the shallows,it’s going to be big!
These are the ones I try to shoot.

Vargas Cone

The peak across the bay with that very distintive curve ,is called Vargas Cone.
There is a path to the top from Cox beach.
The waves were rolling into Cox and a easterly wind was blowing the tops off of them. I call these horsetail waves. They look fantastic IF you can have the sun shining through them at sunset! The angle to do that here is way off.

Frank Island

You can see Frank (or Frieda) on their nest tree across the bay. He’s just alittle black dot over there,but he’s there. I noticed that they both fly out to the rocks out front where hundreds of birds are resting. All the birds take to the air when they do these searching runs. They are checking the group to see if there are any injured or old birds. I’ve never seen them grab anything yet.