Daredevil’s Sequence

This shot shows how great their wing span is. Which is anywhere between 70-90 inches.(6 feet -7 1/2 feet)
The males wing span would be smaller than the females. Thats why there’s such a difference!
You can tell the angle of the sun by the shadow of his head on his right wing. I try to get the light when it’s almost horizontal.
I do not go out in the boat until 6 pm these days. The sun sets around 8:15pm or so right now and gives me tons of time now. In the winter it can set rather quickly!
You can see how they lower their head after they grab a fish! I really don’t know why they do this? There is a reason and it may be for the aerodynamics. Maybe it’s like the Concord when it was taking off! You remember the supersonic plane called the Concord? I hope?? Their entire nose where the pilots sat articulated .
Maybe they got the idea from these guys! We often times observe Nature and than try to duplicate it.

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