Lennard Island Lighthouse

The Lighthouse can be seen in the foreground and to the NW ,you can see Cats Face in the back right.
A mining company (Selkirk)wants to do a open pit on this beautiful mountain top! They would effectively cut 1/3 of the top off. It would never be restored back to it’s glory again.

3 thoughts on “Lennard Island Lighthouse

  1. I’ve heard about the mining company’s ghastly proposal.

    Surely this won’t be allowed to happen? I cannot imagine any sane town or village, least of all one as truly spectacular as Tofino, having its mountain top removed for greed.

    Where can I find some info? Is it a done deal? I’m so shocked. I’ve never been to Tofino, but I’ve been looking at photos of it for the past two years, and tonight I discovered your web site, and I’m SO excited. Your photos are awesome.



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