These wings are almost 7 feet across. Eagles are masters at flight! I’m always amazed to see them disappear into a forest that is really thick!
They have known tunnel routes through the forest. They can go into thick forest and disappear very quietly!
They come out on the other side of the forest!
Absolutely amazing to see them do this! The first time i saw one disappear into a thick forest I couldn’t believe my eyes!
I than started to see a pattern! I noticed that when they disappeared,they used the same spot! I than noticed that there were many entrance/exit portals all along the forests edge!
I’ve also seem them use the forest as a means of protection!
If they are being chased I have seen them use the forest tunnels to try and shake off the attacker!
I have also heard a few of them crashing in the forest and falling to the ground! They hobble out to the forests edge at the shore and fly off.

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