Juliette and Romeo at Sunset / Moonrise

Juliette (left) and Romeo were just chilling here. I knew when the moon was going to rise and was waiting for it. I looked around for subject material and these two spoke up. Trying to get the right exposure for the moon is tough! The point in the sky when it is at a perfect exposure alters each night. The moon rises much later each night and that changes the light tremendously! There's only acouple nights when I could of done this and in that,the amount of time each day that I can shoot the moon when it is at the right exposure,is a matter of minutes! All your ducks need to line up if you want to try to do something like this! Many times the moon would be perfect to shoot,but it's pouring out ,or it's just too cloudy. In a years time, you have 12 chances to shoot something like this and you can count on half of them to be screwed because of weather!
So,to get something like this is good in my books. You can never have enough shots of Eagles with Moon's!!
I shot this on Canada Day and to me when I saw this opportunity, instantly thought that it was a beautiful symbol of the days festivity's! We do live in a Fantastic country!!

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