Lighthouse Moon

This is the local Lighthouse when the moon was rising. The sun had just set and the light was fading.
I’d love to have a nude on the outside of the tower,but we both know the CDN government does not have a sense of humour!


Lighthouse -Moon #3

This is the first shot I took of the Lighthouse and shows how the moon’s contrast is poor as it rises. There is a window of about 10-15 minutes when the exposure for the moon is perfect. When it rises very faintly and progresses to become very bright in the black of night,in that time line there is only a 10-15 minute window when the moon is perfect.
I took my boat on the outside of the Lighthouse and waited. The swell was heaving me up and down . It was hard to hold the lense steady and compose the shot.
tricky shoot for sure and I don’t think I’d like to repeat it. Too dangerous