Both of these ships were part of theTall Ship Festival. Every three years there is a Tall Ship Festival on the west coast.
I believe the order goes like this: Vancouver,Seattle,Victoria,Port Alberni and than lastly …………Tofino!
On this night,they were dueling! It was the last night of their stay in Tofino and the weather/light could not of been better! We lucked out! Not only did I luck out for weather,but also for traffic!
I was the only boat out there from start to finish! I had them all to myself.
A few whale watching boats dropped in for a few minutes,but took off after 5 minutes.
I realized after shooting for awhile, that Strathcona’s mountains would be a fantastic backdrop . I zipped to the south of them and tried to get as far away as possible!
I than used my big lens and zoomed in them. The longer the focal length,the better the compression factor will be between the foreground and the background! It makes the background “appear” to be closer than it actually is! It’s much more dramatic!
Felice island was blocking some of the view .
I tried to get shots of the cannons going off. I never knew when the cannons were going to fire ,but had to be ready to shoot at any given second!
The Hawaiian Chieftain is the one in the foreground and The Lady Washington is in the background. She had just fired her cannon!